Nutanix and Citrix–Better together

Now Citrix has for a long time, support for most of the different hypervisors. Meaning that customers gets the flexibility to choose a number of different hypervisors if they are planning to use XenApp/XenDesktop. This support is also included for Netscaler as well.

So as of today, Citrix supports XenServer, Hyper-V, Vmware, Amazon, Cloudplatform. As well as Azure support is on the way. Meanwhile a month back, Citrix announced a partnership with Nutanix, and stating that Acropolis Hypervisor was Citrix ready for XenApp/XenDesktop and Netscaler and Sharefile as well. This means that the customers will get a better integration between the hypervisor as well as support for the product on the Nutanix Hypervisor.

Kees Baggerman from Nutanix posted this teaser on his website. Of how the integration might look like


Now this is mostly focused on the Citrix Workspace Cloud, but also stated that this is coming for tradisional on-premises XenApp/XenDesktop as well


Also looking forward to the deeper integration with for instance Machine Creation Service with for instance Shadow Clones on the Acropolis Hypervisor!

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