Nutanix + GCP match made in heaven?

It has been quite here on this blog for some time now, there are alot of reasons for this. First of I have been swamped in work lately which has affected the time I have had available to actually do any blogging, and also I have been busy with some other side projects which will be visible soon.  One of the stuff I’ve been working one recently in Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform is Google’s public cloud platform which I have fallen in love it. Its fast, elegant and simple to use but ill get back to that in a later blogpost. Earlier this week Nutanix announced a strategic partnership with Google –>

For those who haven’t heard about Nutanix it is a company that delivers Enterprise Private Cloud based upon a hyperconverged platform. I have been blogging on different topics on Nutanix as well –>

But I belive this is a match made in heaven. Since Nutanix is actually based on some of the same technology that powers underlying platform of GCP and both platforms follow some of the same design principles: Simplicity, Speed & Security.

So what will this partnership provide us with in terms of  technology?

  • * Easing hybrid operations by automating provisioning and lifecycle management of applications across Nutanix and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using the Nutanix Calm solution. This provides a single control plane to enable workload management across a hybrid cloud environment.

  • * Bringing Nutanix Xi Cloud Services to GCP. This new hybrid cloud offering will let enterprise customers leverage services such as Disaster Recovery to effortlessly extend their on-premise datacenter environments into the cloud.

  • * Enabling Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS support for hybrid Kubernetes environments running Google Container Engine in the cloud and a Kubernetes cluster on Nutanix on-premises. Through this, customers will be able to deploy portable application blueprints that target both an on-premises Nutanix footprint as well as GCP.

* In addition, we’re also collaborating on IoT edge computing use-cases. For example, customers training TensorFlow machine learning models in the cloud can run them on the edge on Nutanix and analyze the processed data on GCP.

You can also read more here –>

This is now going to be in strong competition with Amazon Web Services + VMware, and Microsoft with Azure and Azure Stack offering. Now while the partnership with VMware and AWS is going to be focusing purely on IaaS but have maybe a better direct integration in between and not leverage the AWS services to its full extent, and Azure and Azure Stack has the benefit on having a same underlying management layer while not actually having any hybrid integrations.


Just hope that this partnership is a start of a journey when it comes to integration with Google. Would love to see even better deeper integrations here and some more information on the different options that will be available here.

Nutanix also has support for AWS and Azure so some extent (and have had for some time) but it seems to me that they haven’t prioritized developing more features there (Which has of course made some sense since they want to focus on the private cloud first). So I hope that the partnership with GCP will change that and they integrate Insight, more management, software-defined network, and hybrid IaaS models as well in the future.

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