Getting started with Azure AD Auth with Azure Files


As I’m writing this it should be noted that the feature itself is still in preview. Azure files has been an awesome feature that provides SMB 3 based file share to both internet based clients but also Virtual Machines running in Microsoft Azure….

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Moved my blog to Cloudflare!

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Well technically I didn’t move anything, just moved the nameservers the domain used from Azure to Cloudflare but atleast I’ve did part, so I am technically at Cloudflare’s mercy… ūüôā For those who haven’t heard about Cloudflare, they host some of the best…

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My talks at NIC (Nordic Infrastructure Conference)


Last week I had the pleasure of talking at NIC (Nordic Infrastructure Conference) where I had two talks. 1: Building Lego with Terraform on Microsoft Azure Where I take a closer look at ARM vs Terraform and how the different Hashicorp components fit…

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Building Lego with Terraform on Azure – Part One

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So this blog post (Part One of Two) has actually nothing to do with lego’s I just put it there for click-bait, but however it has something to do with the analogy. Working onlywith Cloud related projects these days, much of the work…

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Building a highly available Azure AD Connect

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One of big obstacles with Hybrid Identity with Microsoft Azure these days is with syncronization and ensuring availaiblity for the bridge between on-prem Active Directory and Azure AD. Azure AD Connect has evolved alot over the last couple of years and have added…

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Office 365 Network Performance Assessment


Why is Office 365 so slow?….. Yesterday Microsoft released a new tool to help with the performance assessment of Office 365¬† which you can find here –>¬†¬†Now this tool is initially aimed at locating the closest¬†Service Front Door for Office 365 to help…

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Enabling TLS 1.3 on Citrix NetScaler


There has been a lot of work in the new version of TLS namely version 1.3, where the focus has been mostly on security and reducing the unnecessary handshakes between client and servers to optimize performance. Hence the reason why there is a…

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Setting up Self-Service Password Reset with Writeback to On-premises


One of the important steps of achiving great user-experice is getting ease of access for end-users, including the ability to do self-service, which especially involved passwords which is the most common support issue that most support centers have. As part of Azure AD…

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Bluemedora and Bindplane with Azure Monitor


After been working with Log Analytics for some time, you get used to having the interface to query for the information you are looking for. In most cases you can collect any information you want using the Monitoring agent or from other parts…

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Cloud-based policy management service for Office 365 ProPlus


Earlier today, Microsoft released a¬†preview of the Office client policy service to help manage policies for all Office 365 ProPlus users in an organization, this has previsoly only been a solveable trough the use¬†Group Policy or ADMX backed policies using Intune or any…

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