The problem with Cloud Management Platforms

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One of the things I’ve been working closely on the last couple of years now is the CMP (Cloud Management Platform) market. CMP is a big buzz words these days which many vendors claim they have one way or another, or that they…

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Setting up Citrix ADC (NetScaler) in Google Cloud


Finally, Citrix now supports running NetScaler in Google Cloud! I have been waiting for this for a long time. Now still the process is still a bit manual since it is not available in the Google Cloud marketplace so you will need to…

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Veeam 9.5 Update 4 Soon here! What’s new for a Service Provider


With the latest release from Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 there has been a large set of new functionality, so much it seems like a major release (Could have been version 10) so this is a list of the new biggest functionality…

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Connection Interrupted running Citrix with EDT in Azure


Building Citrix Enviroments in Microsoft Azure is pretty easy these days, now there are some issues with using the latest features especially with EDT. If you are encountering issues with running Citrix in Azure and with EDT and when you try to connect to…

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Running NVIDIA GRID in Azure


Lately I’ve been involved in some projects involving running CAD based workloads on Azure running on Citrix. In Azure we have multiple GPU based virtual instances. When Microsoft first introduced GPU based instances with the NV and NC series they suffered from one big…

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Multi-cloud an achievable goal?


After having a slow period on my blog the last couple of months I decided to blog about this particular subject after I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this subject and have been working in multiple projects on the same topic…

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Community Research on Web Services and Security


For a planned future blog post, I wanted to do some research to discuss security around websites, domains, and email security. Since I started working with NetScaler a while back I did work a lot on improving security on public-facing websites and implementing…

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New book in the making – Building the Modern Workspace on Microsoft Azure

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Sounds like a sleazy topic, but it is true! I’ve been thinking for a time now that it is again time to challenge myself, and the last time I did that was when I wrote a book. Having all the deadlines, doing research and…

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Guide to Deploying Office 365 in RDSH and VDI Enviroment


This is an updated article on the old one which is referenced here. A lot has changed since I first wrote this article back in 2015 and updates it in 2016 and therefore I decided to rewrite the article to make it a…

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Microsoft Managed Desktops – What is it and where do partners fit in ?


A week ago Microsoft announced their new service offering called Microsoft Managed Desktop, which is essentially a service where Microsoft will manage your endpoints trough a lifecycle management together with an OEM vendors (Currently only Microsoft based devices) So think about all the…

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