Building VMware on Public Cloud or using Cloud Native?


This is an interesting topic, looking into what VMware is building when it comes to public cloud offerings. This blog post will look into the VMware offerings that the different public cloud vendors have in terms of IaaS based delivery VMware on AWS…

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What’s new in NSX-T v3 and what is NSX Intelligence?


Today VMware released the new version of NSX-T, which is VMware’s software defined networking and security solution for datacenters and provides support for VM, Containers as well as BareMetal support. As part of this version 3 release, VMware introduced a bunch of new features…

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Protecting your enterprise against Ransomware with Zero Trust Architecture


So I decided to write this blogpost based upon that I’ve been working with a couple of clients which have had some difficult times after ransomware attacks. We have also seen an uprising when it comes to Ransomware attacks. There are some different…

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Azure Backup vs Veeam Backup


For a customer project I was working on a couple of issues came up with how to do backup of IaaS in Azure. First of was how we were to handle Disaster Recovery both on a Storage level and on Virtual Infrastructure secondly…

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Disaster Recovery and Cloud – How to plan for business continuity


A new dilemma that has come up the last couple of weeks with regards to COVID and more organizations now moving and starting to use public clouds to provide new solutions for employees to work from home, is the use of Disaster Recovery…

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Automating Windows Virtual Desktop Image build with Hashicorp Packer

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In previous blog posts I’ve been writing a bit about the lack of image management options within WVD has (, so therefore we need to be creative in how to actually handle image management and updating. One of the options that I discuss…

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CVE-2020-0796 remote code execution vulnerability in SMB Protocol 3.0

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Yesterday a big new vulnerability in the SMB protocol stack was published. The security flaw, tracked as CVE-2020-0796, is not included with this month’s March 2020 Patch Tuesday updates, and is unclear when it will be patched. The vulnerability is due to an error when the…

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The Enterprise ready browser Microsoft Edge for business – How to configure for Edge


With Microsoft now releasing Microsoft Edge built on top of Chromium which is an open-source browser project together with its own enterprise security features, I see it as the main browser for enterprises moving forward. So how do we get started roll-out Edge to…

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Storage services and considerations for Microsoft Azure


Within Microsoft Azure there are numerous storage options which can be used for different workloads such as Container workloads for stateful storage, or big data solutions which requires high IOPS for calculation of workloads or even traditional blob storage which is useful for…

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The battle for Hybrid PaaS and Kubernetes workloads?


In december I had a blogpost about the battle for Hybrid PaaS services where I described some of the capabilities that the different cloud providers are aiming for when it comes to Hybrid PaaS services such as Google Anthos, Azure Arc and Amazon Outposts….

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