Pin-to-SSD Nutanix EOS 4.5

So earlier today I was looking at the Pin to SSD video from Andre Leibovici , shown here –> and figured I wanted to give this feature a spin..

But no matter where I looked I didn’t find the same feature within Prism, luckily thanks to the twitter gods I got in touch with the Nutanix bible author himself.


So off I went exploring into the CLI, and found that under ncli virtual-disk there was an option called update-pinning. Which has three required attributes


id, tier-name and pinned-space.

In order to get the virtual disk ID we want to pin to ssd we need to use the virtual-disk list command. To get the name of the different tiers we can use the list tier command

So when we got what we need we can use the command

virtual-disk update-pinning id=idofthevdisk tier-name=idofthessdtier pinned-space=amountofGBtopintossd


If we now run virtual-disk list we can see that it has pinned space, but note that this is not visiable in PRISM.

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