Refreshed and upgraded website/blog!

In the past eight months, I have been engrossed in authoring a new book on Ransomware protection, which has consumed much of my time and consequently impacted my ability and inclination to create blog content. Also, once I began working on a blog post draft, I realized that I had grown weary of the outdated appearance and layout of my blog, as well as its performance of the site as well.

Over time, my blog has undergone several transformations. Initially, I began blogging back in 2012 with a basic site, which served me well until 2016. Following that, I switched to an IaaS-based deployment, utilizing virtual machines on Microsoft Azure, which has remained my primary platform until now.

My blog has been an integral part of my identity, serving as a platform for me to establish a fortunate career within IT. At its core, my blog embodies a commitment to continuous learning, as I strive to learn new things/concepts, and technologies all the time. Also writing about a particular subject requires an understanding of the topic, to the extent that one can convey it in a straightforward manner, which I aim to do as much as possible.

As a personal commitment, I intend to do more writing in 2023 and kick things off by launching a new and enhanced website.
So, stay tuned for a lot of content here in the upcoming months as I already have numerous plans in the works!

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