Review of 2016 and goals for 2017

2016 has been an interesting year for me, a lot happening at work and also a lot of stuff happening personally. It has been a great year for me and I’ve been quite lucky with all the cool projects and some new achivements I’ve made so far.

So what happend for me in 2016?

* Moved my blog to Azure –> already up to 40,000 Views (The old one at still had over 400,000 views last year)
* Joined as one of the leaders for the  Citrix Special Interest Group for Networking (and we have over 350 members and have had two webinars so far)
* Joined the board of the local Citrix User Group in Norway.
* Was awarded with VMware vExpert in Januar and was then further awarded with VMware NSX later that year
* Was awarded with NVIDIA  grid community advisor as one of the founding members.
* Was awarded with Citrix technology advocate
* Was awarded with Avi Networks Aviators
* Joined as a category consultant and published the ADC category.
* I wrote two free ebooks on Citrix NetScaler –>
* Was reawarded with Veeam Vanguard
* Was rewarded with Microsoft MVP Azure
* Was reawarded with Nutanix Technology Champion
* Joined the KEMP VIP group
* Wrote over 170 blogposts!
* Created a slack channel for NetScaler & Citrix ITpros
* Switched jobs and am now working as a cloud architect for EVRY

I also had numerous speaking engagements.

* NIC Conference
* Citrix User Group Summer conference
* Citrix User Group Autumn conference
* Event with Microsoft Norway
* NetScaler Live Norway
* Dell/EMC Event

So it has been quite the busy year, and when I look back at the year I notice a couple of things.
1: I’ve learned alot from my previous work around HCI infrastructure, Storage, and redundant networking and L4-L7 security aspect, which is something ill always have in my personal toolbox.
2: I’ve focused to little on learning new stuff.

So some of my friends have asked me about my personaly new years resolution, I have some  clear goals in mind on what I want to learn in the upcoming year, so you should expect more blog content around these topics as well.

* Microservices and Containers ecosystem (This is something I’m working more and more around and it an really interesting set of topics since it is becoming such as a large ecosystem)
* AWS, GCP (I’ve worked alot with Azure and will continue to do so, but I need to expand my toolset around GCP and AWS more as well and you should too!)
* Taking more time to read stuff properly (one of the things I lack when reading new stuff which constantly pops up in my news feed is to read interesting content properly, I usually tend to scroll trough and continue on. So I want to dedicate more time to read interesting content properly)
* Serverless and working more with API interactions, so much cloud features have some form of API and one of the best ways to learn more about a feature is to write against the API of a particular feature so I’m going to spend more time on this.
* Work smarter with better tools (Try to get a common set of tools which I learn to use properly whcih I can leverage in my day to day work.

So that’s it! Looking forward to see what 2017 brings! Smile

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