SCCM 2012 CTP1 SP1

For those who aren’t actively on twitter. Microsoft has just released the CTP SP1 for System Center 2012.
For ConfigMgr this is the first CTP release. But for the other products in the System Center family its CTP 2 of SP1.

And you can download them all here –>

This post will mainly focus on SCCM, but what’s new for all the releases are found here.

And as it is posted in the post (from the url) this release should contain the feature to manage mac & unix.
Support for Windows 8, including deploying Windows 8 applications and the ability to detect 3G and 4G network connections to prevent delivering software at a time when data charges may apply.

· Additional operating support to extend manageability to Mac OS X and Unix/Linux servers.

But so far I didn’t find any documentation about the configmgr release
So therefore I hard to write a post about it instead Smile (NB: found this but it didn’t contain much info:

It appears that Configmgr now deploys Silverlight 5 instead of 4 with the client.
And this CTP release has no support for Linux/Unix, only Mac(software deployment only havent found any mac client avaliable in this release). And it also supports App-v5 deployments. And of course Windows 8 apps.

Before you continue, start the “Get the latest Configuration Manager updates” from the Setup menu. And you also need to download the Assessments and Deployment kit for Windows 8, (you can find it here Note this is a small file but it needs to download about 3GB of files)


In my case I choose to download it to a different location ( since my lab is not connected to the internet )


So just the basic setup screens, next –> next –> and wait for it to download Smile
When you are done downloading, and are running the install. These are the roles you need.

Now after this is installed you can continue with the installation of the CTP.
The setup is pretty straight forward, choose upgrade system center site.


Point this to the downloaded updates –>



Click next, next –> Then it will check prerequisites (if you installed the ADK you’ll be fine) Then click install.
So after you’ve finished installing what’s next? Open the console first.

You won’t notice any changes to the gui, just some added features here and there.
New stuff I’ve found so far.

Possible to add your App-v environment.

The possibility to distribute software to Mac (No unix / linux)

But what is this? When I want to search for apps I want to deploy for mac it looks for the file extension *.cmmac ? Possible that the next release will come with its own dmg to cmmac package converter app ?

Database replication status (cant remember that from before under Site Hiearchy)


New wake on lan functionality.


And what is this ?
And you now have Installation status in the software center

New WinPE images (Winpe 4.0)
New client version ( no other changes to the GUI)

Stay tuned for more.

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    1. Q1 2013, well you can manage ios and android today, but deep management will come q1 2013

  2. do I need to install Assessments and Deployment kit for Windows 8 directly on the SCCM 2012 Server?

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