SCOM 2012, Operation console does not open and gives SDK service error

This is going to be a quick post, got a strange error message on my SCOM server today.
I tried opening the console, it would try to open for a couple of min ( it’s a vm so it takes some time ) and it stops and just hangs.

And I got this error message appearing in the console “the data access service is either not running”
I opened up the services.msc and I saw that the service was actually running.

I saw in the Event log under operations management that It has trouble connecting to the SQL servers (Which is a physical server that resides in another room, turns out It wasn’t connected ) After attaching it back to the lan, the console started.

Not the most informative error message, so be sure to check if the MS has access to the SQL server before you start to debug Smile

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