Speaking at NIC 2015

In a couple of weeks I am lucky enough to be presenting two sessions at NIC 2015, here in Norway.
The first session I have is about Application virtualization vs Application layering. Where I will go a bit in-depth on how the differences are between the two technologies, and discuss a bit about the different strengths / weaknesses so for instance I will cover App-V, ThinApp, layering technologies such as Vmware AppVolumes, UniDesk and Citrix AppDisks


The second session is about delivering Office365 in a terminal server enviroment, where I will cover stuff like delivery options of Office, optimizing Skype/Outlook, bandwidth and IP requirements, and will also cover a bit more about Citrix Optimization Pack for Skype which now has a lot better support for Office365 and lastly, troubleshooting slow Office which is a common thing…


Besides that I will be standing in the Nutanix booth, so if you have time come and say hi!

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