Netscaler and DDoS

A part of many Network admins day to day tasks involves mitigating DDoS attacks. And they come in many types of shape and size.But they are share a common goal, disrupting the service for the users. These types of attacks make the service unresponsive and therefore cannot service the regular users who actually need to …

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Citrix Netscaler and SDN

There is a lot of talk now about SDN, so I would like clarify what is actually meant with SDN.First of the name SDN is for Software Defined Networking, the concept Is actually pretty simple. It is built upon that a network administrator can share traffic from a single console Instead of having to configure …

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Troubleshooting Netscaler

Netscaler is a complex device, and lets face it a lot of things can go wrong. Either when setting it up or someone does something weird with the config and saves it. So therefore I wrote this basic troubleshooting guide, hopefully it will be some help for some This guide is primarily written with CLI …

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Netscaler 101

The last couple of days I’ve seen a lot of traffic on my blog regarding the posts on Netscaler ( And I don’t have so many of them!) And with the recent events regarding Cisco ACE and Microsoft Forefront TMG, I’m guessing that a lot of people are looking into the option to switch over …

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Citrix Netscaler

After been attending a Citrix Xenapp course the previous week, there was one thing at the course that I’ve actually never heard of and that was Citrix Netscaler. What is Citrix Netscaler? After been reading a bit about it, I simply can’t describe what it can do( cause its so much!). Mostly its a hardware …

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