Azure WVD and Shortpath using IKEv2 VPN

Before I’ve written a bit about the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop architecture and how it handles traffic flow –> Windows Virtual Desktop Traffic Flow and GPU Workloads | Marius Sandbu (msandbu.org) A While back, Microsoft also introduced a new feature called WVD ShortPath which essentially allows the client to do a direct connection to the Session …

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Migrate to WVD and Beyond

This blog post is a summary of the content that I went trough on my session today on Microsoft Meets Community 3rd Edition – Where I had the session Migrate to WVD and Beyond. Essentially looking into how to migrate to WVD and migrating other workloads from an existing datacenter and VDI platform. (https://info.microsoft.com/WE-WVD-WBNR-FY21-12Dec-11-MicrosoftmeetsCommunityWindowsVirtualDesktop-SRDEM48757_LP01Registration-ForminBody.html?wt.mc_id=AID3017714_QSG_490080) You can view the …

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Windows Virtual Desktop ecosystem

As I have highlighted in earlier articles which I have written –> https://searchvirtualdesktop.techtarget.com/tip/Whats-missing-in-Windows-Virtual-Desktop-management and what I presented a bit about in the MYCUGC webinar –> https://www.slideshare.net/mariussandbu/state-of-the-euc-2020-whats-new-in-enduser-computing Windows Virtual Desktop is missing some main features from its ecosystem, now since that post was written a couple of months ago a lot has happened. With most products that Microsoft creates …

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