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It has been a bit quiet here lately (well there has been some activity but not as noisy as it used to be) therefore I decided to give a quick update to tell everyone what’s going on for my part.

At the moment I’m quite busy writing two books! that’s right two!

One is an update to one of my existing books, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Implementing-Netscaler-Vpx-Marius-Sandbu/dp/178217267X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438541424&sr=8-1&keywords=netscaler which is an update for this book to V11 which was released a couple of months back and therefore there is much new content in there such as

* Unifed Gateway
* Mobilestream
* V11 in general
* More in-depth on traffic optimization (HTTP/2 SPDY, TCP, Multi-PE and so on)
* Azure and Amazon deployment

And of course much more!

I am also writing a mastering Netscaler book which will go in much more depth where I am co-writing with another Citrix Consultant, really looking forward to this book as well. Both these books are going to be release Q4 this year so busy time ahead.

Also in other releated events I am delivering a session on Microsoft EMS (Intune, Azure AD, Azure RMS and ATA) at Trond E Haavarstein aka @xenappblog’s virtual expo which is here –>  https://xenapptraining.leadpages.net/xbve2015/ joined by alot of rockstar community people! hurry up if you want to join is close to about 1000 attendees!

Also later in August I’m holding a local seminar at Microsoft Norway where I am going to talk about Azure AD and Windows 10 a talk a bit more about the different scenarios when in a hybrid setup and so on.

So this happens August the 19th, so if you want to join send me a wink. Other then that stay tuned!

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