Veeam 9.5 a new opportunity for service providers!

So to be honest I was not aware of the awesome new features that came available with Veeam 9 which gave Veeam Service providers which have configured Veeam Cloud Connect the ability to do direct backup to a CloudConnect.

With the update to 9.5 coming, we will also see the option do to Veeam agents to do direct backup of endpoints and servers using the Veeam agent. This also opens up for a another option as well which is to do backup of cloud based servers as well using the samme solution.

The Windows agent which is coming soon which open up for this option, which will give a easy way to provide SMB easy server backup directly! or even regular endpoints, which makes things alot easier with for instance alot of companies are struggling with ransomware, and being able to just restore data from a backup endpoint directly from a veeam service proider will make things alot easier.

And the last option is of course to offer Disaster recovery options as well, which allow customers to replicate virtual machines to a service provider and being able to start up virtual machines there in case of disaster. This can be done for the customer via the cloud connect portal (or perhaps the Veeam orchestrator solution)


when 9.5 is coming it will also support Windows Server 2016 and combining this with ReFS on the storage repository part and using block cloning it will speed up the repository speed when doing synthentic full backups for instance.

and last but not least, where bandwidth is congested, we can also deploy Veeam WAN accelerators to speed up the transfer process while sacrifising IOPS on the service provider end, but I truly belive that with 9.5, Veeam is giving alot of new oppurtunities for Service Providers!

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