Webinar on the future of NetScaler!

So as part of the admin group of the Networking SIG (Special Interest Group) on MYCUGC I try to get stuff out to the members, now is has only been a couple of months since we launched the group, but with the amount of updates happening in the NetScaler space the last couple of months and what is about to happen, we decided to arrange a webinar.

So we have an webinar (our first!) on the 13th July! Hopefully we can see alot of people there!

The agenda for the webinar is

  • Quick introduction to the SIG from the SIG leaders.
  • Recap of Networking news from Synergy
  • What’s coming in NetScaler 11.1
  • Deep-dive on Netscaler Management and Analytics
  • Overview of Microservices, containers and NetScaler CPX

So there is alot of stuff we need to cover in one hour, but since this is our first attempt we are allowed to adjust-as-we-go Smilefjes

If it sounds interesting for you, sign up here –> http://bit.ly/2993ifP
If not, let us know if there are any particular subjects or features you would like to be discussed, also if you don’t have time to look at the webinar it will be recorded and uploaded somewhere.

CUGC User Share: This webinar will focus on the latest Citrix NetScaler 11.1 release, CPX, Management and Analytics and the latest NetScaler announcements from Citrix Synergy.

Who: CTP Jason Samuel, Dave Brett, and Marius Sandbu; all CUGC Members and Networking SIG Leaders, as well as active bloggers and “NetScaler Enthusiasts”

What: With Citrix Synergy out of the way and the release of NetScaler 11.1, CPX and NetScaler Management and Analytics System we will give you a high level look at what NetScaler CPX is and what it can mean for you, how NetScaler Management and Analytics System will change your management and visibility plus get all the latest NetScaler announcements from Citrix Synergy!  This will be a jam packed hour with Overviews, technical information and demos of the latest NetScaler release. Presentation will include participant Q&A.

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