What was new at Citrix Synergy Barcelona

Wow! The last couple of days there has been a storm of Twitter activity around the Synergy conference in Barcelona (and for those that weren’t able to attend, including myself) There is a lot of new stuff happening around Citrix these days, so therefore I thought it would be a good idea to try to summarize what’s new on the Citrix front (Note that I can’t cover everything so if someone has more info regarding certain subjects or news that flew straight passed me, please send me some feedback either by adding a comment on the post or sending me an e-mail [email protected] or pref twitter https//twitter.com/msandbu

Now I want to start first with (what I think is a huge deal)
Citrix and Cisco have now made an “alliance” what that means is still yet to come,  but you can read more about it at this news article here –> http://www.citrix.com/news/announcements/oct-2012/cisco-and-citrix-expand-partnership/_jcr_content.html
But there will be focused on integrating Netscaler and ASA appliances, V1000 coming to XenServer, integrating Cisco Jabber client with Receiver 
And since Cisco has stopped down further production of their load-balancing module ACE (Which will be EoL in 2015)Citrix has now announced a campaign to convert from ACE to Netscaler and get 20% of regular MPX prices –> http://blogs.citrix.com/2012/10/17/introducing_amp/ So this is indeed going to be interesting to see what happens further into the future.

Second thing is the Citrix and NetApp alliance, where NetApp is coming with own components which integrates with for instance XenServer.
You can read more about it here –> http://www.citrix.com/news/announcements/oct-2012/citrix-and-netapp-collaborate-to-simplify-cloud-storage/_jcr_content.html

And a couple of days before that, Citrix also announced a partnership with Palo Alto (Which is firewall provider) You can read more about it here –> http://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com/2012/10/perspective-on-the-citrix-and-palo-alto-networks-partnership/

So what is Citrix doing with all these partnerships?
Well what is Citrix good at? on the networking front they have one of the best load-balancing solution (Of course Netscaler can do more then just that) but by joining forces with Cisco and Palo Alto they can get the best of three worlds within Networking. And with the alliance with NetApp they have more storage integration. So with this they will cover all of the components within an infrastructure. 
Now with partners like Windows, Cisco, NetApp, Palo Alto it is indeed going to be interesting.

Windows 8 Welcome!
Citrix has embraced Windows 8 and will therefore come with support Windows 8 very soon.

And there is already a Citrix Receiver client out in the Windows Store for Windows 8. But more will come later.and

New version of HDX Optimization pack for Microsoft Lync 1.1
This new feature includes featuring PBX/PSTN integration (Enterprise Voice), conformance to Microsoft Call Admission Control specifications, Enhanced Emergency Services support, and other valuable enhancements that truly round out this important new capability for customers planning to embrace Lync video chat at scale.

Desktop Virtualization
New VDI-IN-A-BOX 5.2 review will demonstrate optimizations for Microsoft Lync, support for the latest hypervisor technologies including Microsoft Windows 2012 HyperV, Citrix XenServer® 6.1 and VMware vSphere 5.1. The tech preview will support the Citrix Storefront for unified access to any Citrix CloudGateway delivered service.

Mobile Desktop Virtualization
Xenclient Enterprise 4.5 XenClient extends Citrix XenDesktop® FlexCast to include the management of physical PCs and secures mobile laptops for disconnected operation. The tech preview includes support for third-generation Intel® Core™ processors, Microsoft Windows 8, and ultrabooks. You can read more about it here –> http://www.citrix.com/news/announcements/oct-2012/citrix-extends-xenclient-to-windows-8-and-ultrabooks

Speeding Migration to Windows 7 and Beyond – Supporting the upcoming general availability of new Microsoft technologies, the next release of Citrix AppDNA application lifecycle management software includes early access features for application testing on Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Server 2012.http://blogs.citrix.com/2012/10/16/expanded-no-charge-application-compatibility-trial-for-application-migration-initiatives-even-windows-8/

GotoAssist to deliver “one-stop” shop for IT Support
This will provide the tools to monitor servers, and with helpdesk support tools that follows ITIL. (Much like SCOM and SCSM from MIcrosoft)

On-premise storage available! It allows you to make existing folders available for the users so you don’t have to create new folders for the users. There are also loads of more features available

  • ShareFile with StorageZones – Organizations now have the flexibility to manage their data on-premises in customer-managed StorageZones or choose Citrix-managed StorageZones (secure cloud options available in seven locations around the world) or a mix of both. With customer-managed StorageZones, IT can place data in their organization’s own datacenter to help meet unique data sovereignty and compliance requirements while optimizing performance by storing data in close proximity to the user. By defining where data should be stored, IT is able to build the most cost-effective and customized solution for their organization. Customer-managed StorageZones can be easily integrated with an organization’s existing infrastructure as it is designed to support any Common Internet File System (CIFS)-based network share.
  • ShareFile StorageZones MPX Appliance – To further simplify deployment of customer-managed StorageZones in a customer’s private datacenter, Citrix will deliver a new purpose-built StorageZones MPX appliance powered by Citrix NetScaler®. The device will add value to customer-managed StorageZones deployments by offering integrated security and optimizing networks and will work effortlessly with existing storage environments.
  • StorageZone Connectors – The company’s follow-me data strategy now extends beyond the data stored in ShareFile. Working in conjunction with customer-managed StorageZones, StorageZone Connectors let IT create a secure connection between the ShareFile service and user data stored in existing network shares. This innovative capability makes it easy for end users to securely access their work documents on mobile devices through ShareFile apps for iPad and iPhone (support for other devices coming soon), regardless of where the data is actually stored. This approach extends all the simplicity and mobile access benefits of ShareFile to existing data storage platforms, without the need for data migration. Using the new ShareFile StorageZone Connectors, it is now possible to securely view and share documents from network file shares, which otherwise cannot be accessed outside of corporate networks or on mobile devices.
  • On-demand Sync – The new on-demand sync capability of ShareFile for Windows is designed for pooled and hosted shared virtual desktop environments, including those powered by Citrix XenDesktop® and Citrix XenApp®. Typically in such environments, users sync all their data every time they log into their virtual desktops, putting substantial load on the network, bandwidth and storage. With on-demand sync, users will continue to view all their files and folders within their virtual desktop just like they do today. However, files download and sync only when the user views, edits, saves or shares, resulting in huge reductions in Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and slashing storage requirements.
  • Windows 8 Compatibility – Citrix announced availability of compatible versions of ShareFile Sync for Windows and Microsoft Outlook Plug-in.
  • ShareFile for Microsoft Azure – To provide more cloud storage options to customers, Citrix announced plans to deliver Citrix-managed StorageZones onMicrosoft Azure in 2013. This integration will allow ShareFile customers to leverage all the reliable and powerful capabilities of Microsoft Azure by letting them designate data across a seamless global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. These additional locations will also allow IT to place data close to users to enhance performance.

Present content from the IPad with Citrix GoToMeeting

  • Launch a meeting and invite attendees with just a few taps.
  • Change presenter so another person can show their screen.
  • Present your content by simply browsing to it or opening email attachments (iPad only).
  • Easily share content from ShareFile or Dropbox during a meeting (iPad only).
  • Brainstorm with the onscreen highlighter and whiteboard (iPad only).


Secure E-mail and Web on mobile with @WorkMail @WorkWeb apps
Which allows secure e-mail reading and surfing from iOS and Android.

Excalibur and Merlin releases, which is the next release of Avalon

New GoToMyPc
Access to remote PC from Kindle Fire and Android Phones or Tablets.

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