What’s new from Microsoft Ignite 2021

Today Microsoft Ignite 2021 Fall edition kicked off and I’ve tried to summarize some of the biggest new capabilities that have been released.

NOTE: All announcements from Microsoft Ignite har grouped together in this Ignite Book of News, which you can read here –> Microsoft Ignite Book of News

Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Cognitive Services new preview based upon OpenAI
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance Link – a new service which allows disaster recovery and bi-directional migration between SQL Server and SQL Managed Instance
  • Azure Container App in Preview
  • Azure Logic Apps Disconnected mode running locally and on Azure Arc.
  • Open Service Mesh Add-on for AKS now Generally Available
  • Updates to Azure API Management with support for GraphQL and native support for WebSockets API
  • Azure Arc with support for Azure Stack HCI, Integrations with vSphere allowing self-service capabilities.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop with support for Azure Stack HCI
  • Release of Dv5/Ev5 and Dasv5/Easv5 based upon AMD EPYC (Milan) CPU, without local disk storage and a much cheaper cost
  • Azure Monitor comes with new capabilities that provides enhanced troubleshooting for Azure Firewall and VPN Gateway. Also, with OpenTelemetry support for Application Insight.
  • On-demand disk bursting is now available for Azure Disk Storage. This allows disk services to burst up to 30,000 IOPS when needed.
  • Azure Gateway Load Balancer is a new managed service that routes application traffic to an appliance first to filter traffic.
  • Azure Virtual Network Manager is in preview which is a new service that can provide ease of management of virtual networks across subscriptions.
  • Azure Chaos Studio is a new service in preview like Chaos Monkey which is a service that disrupts applications intentionally.
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud (the new name for Azure Defender and Azure Security Center) now provides security best practices for AWS (including recommendations and now part of Secure Score)
  • Support for Amazon EKS Threat Intelligence with Defender for Cloud.
  • Near real-time analytics rules for Azure Sentinel
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Synapse for Azure Sentinel
Microsoft 365
  • Power Automate now provides an Azure Virtual Desktop starter kit which allows to use RPA in combination with a virtual desktop.
  • Power Virtual Agents update with support for always-on service, and even interact with bots in a team channel.
  • Power Apps mobile apps for iOS and Android are now available in preview.
  • Updated Return to the workplace Power App! Return to the Workplace (microsoft.com)
  • Endpoint DLP and Insider Risk Management for Mac OS in Preview
  • Azure Active Directory with expanded capabilities for Identity Governance which now supported on-prem and private cloud.
  • Microsoft Defender for Business (endpoint security service with support for up to 300 end-users)
  • Linux Desktop Management now in Preview
  • Support for non-PKG files for Mac OS.
Microsoft Teams
  • Introducing Mesh for Microsoft Teams which provides new 2D and 3D experiences for virtual meetings
  • Enhanced capabilities for webinars (with virtual green rooms, co-organizers, isolated audio feed.)
  • Send Message to self on Teams (now this is extremely useful!)
Azure Active Directory
  • Conditional Access Device Filters
  • Conditional Access App Filters
  • Conditional Access for workload identity (seems like we are now moving into a full ZTNA based service)
  • New additional authentication methods



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