Windows 8 shortcuts

With the coming of Metro in Windows 8 there are a lot of new keyboard shortcuts the users needs to be aware of, I have some of them here.
And so far I Love the metro GUI!
I like to have all my options in one screen instead of diving down into Start menu –> Folder –> Subfolder –> Application.
And it appear snappy, of course it takes some time getting used to.

Windows Button
Gets you back to the main menu in Metro.

Windows Button + C
Opens the “charms” menu.

Windows Button + D
Shows the desktop.

Windows Button + F
Opens the search menu on files

Windows Button + Q
Opens the search menu on Apps

Windows Button + W
Opens the seach menu on Settings

Windows Button + R
Opens the Run Menu.

Windows Button + E
Opens Explorer.

Windows Button + L
Locks the desktop

Windows Button + P
Display on a second screen

Windows Button + I
Settings “charms”

Windows Button + H
Share option

Windows Button + K
Opens the devices Menu.

Windows Button + Z
Opens the App bar

Windows Button + X
Opens Quick Power user commands

Ctrl and Mouse scroll
Scroll out and if of the start menu. You can move the pointer and then scroll in to where you want to magnify.


And other stuff you can do!

you can also name groups of applications you have on your “dashboard” Scroll out and right click on a pane of applications.

Now you have the option to “Name Group”

Right click on a app to open the options pane. No I have the option to unpin, uninstall or make a pane smaller.
Note not all apps get the uninstall function and some might get other options like “Run As Administrator”


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