Windows 8 terminal server setup

So, Im guessing most have tried the windows 8 beta now ? 🙂
I am so far impressed with the new features that are implemented. Still things could change before the final release. I thought I would take a quick walk trough on the windows 8 server remote desktop services installation.

To start the installation go the the Dashboard of the server manager, and choose add features and roles. From here choose Remote Desktop Services scenario-based innstallation.
(Im missing a screenshot from the next part, but you have the option to choose quick install. This will install all the roles on 1 server.

Here I’ve finished the installation, and I’ve added the other server to the Dashboard view, now from here I get shown all the different roles both of them have on the left side. And if I choose to mark one of them I get the event log from that spesific server.

If I go into the Remote Desktop Services Role on the left side, I get an overview over the infrastructure. As you can see this server has the
* RD Web Access
* RD Connection Broker
* RD Session Host
If I press the + sign I get the option to add that spesific role.
But for my purpose I only need those 3 roles I already have installed.

By default the installation creates a “Collection” which is basicly a collection of computer which have some application published.

By default the “QuickSessionCollection” has most of the Administrative Tools already published so If you go to the webpage of the RD Web Access.
https://server/rdweb and login you will get most of the administrative tools avaliable.

But for my part I want to publish applications that people actually use 🙂
So I deleted the default collection, created one of my own, and added mspaint.

As you can see here, you get an overview of which server are in this collection and which applications are in this collection. It also shows you who is connected.  Now this is something Windows didn’t have before, earlier you couldn’t see all the connected users to a farm.

First of, when you publish an application you have the option to add it to a folder, this folder will appear in the RDweb page. Gives you a bit more options regarding where to place the application. So you don’t have to place all your 100+ apps on one webpage.

All is well, and when I go back to the Dashboard, I see both of my servers in the overview. This is something I actually might get used to.

Stay tuned in for more.

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