Xenserver VM won’t reboot

Quick post!

I had some trouble earlier today with a Xenserver VM that just wouldn’t boot via the Xencenter console.
When I ran xe task-list and it showed that the reboot was pending.

So I tried to cancel the task via the task-cancel [uuid=Task UUID]

No such luck their either, so I tried a

xe vm-shutdown vm= or xe vm-shutdown –force vm=

(you need the UUID at the end for this command you can get it by running the xe vm-list command)

At the end I had to run the xe-toolstack-restart command.

This will restart the xapi disconnecting XenCenter, after a 30 secs you should be able to reconnect with XenCenter.
Issuing xe-toolstack-restart does not affect any running VMs, but after that my VM finally took that much needed reboot.


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