Traffic Domains vs Admin partitions vs VXLAN for IP segmentation

I’ve previosly written about Admin Partitions on Netscaler, which allows us to logical seperate the NetScaler into multiple partitions which allows for instance departments to manage each of their applications within their own part of the NetScaler. This allows to safeguard from unwarranted configuration changes for instance.  You can read a bit more about admin… Read More »

Remote Desktop 2.0 Moving end user computing to the cloud!

So this is my tagline for my session at NIC CONF 2017 But since its a large subject, I also decided to write about it as well. With the uprise of Cloud, it provides customers which a large opportunity in terms of choice when it comes to modernizing the way we can provide desktops… Read More »

Review of 2016 and goals for 2017

2016 has been an interesting year for me, a lot happening at work and also a lot of stuff happening personally. It has been a great year for me and I’ve been quite lucky with all the cool projects and some new achivements I’ve made so far. So what happend for me in 2016? *… Read More »

XenDesktop EDT over NetScaler – Benchmarking

With build 11.1, 51 Citrix released support for EDT over NetScaler. Which I have blogged about before which excels in situations where latency is high, packet loss is at a minimum. EDT Networking deep dive –> Enabling EDT in NetScaler –> NOTE: That Mac Based Forwarding which also cripples Framehawk also cripples EDT,… Read More »

DNS Security with NetScaler

With NetScaler build 51, Citrix introduced DNS Security Options which allows for simple defining security policies against DNS endpoints on NetScaler. The DNS Options are split into different options. Cache Poisioning Protection DNS DDoS Protection Manage Exception (whitelist / blacklist) servers Prevent random subdomain attacks Bypass the cache Enforce DNS transactions over TCP Provide root… Read More »