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What is Microsoft security story?

Looking back at 2017 so far is has been alot of development from Microsoft when it comes to security products. Just by looking at the Microsoft Ignite which was a couple of weeks back most announcements were security focused with new products such as Azure ATP, improved version of Windows Defender ATP as well and… Read More »

Shared Computer support Office365 and Citrix with AD PTA

One of the issues that has been with delivering Office 365 on a non-persistent Citrix environment is how to manage licensing and activation. Previously we needed to have a ADFS infrastructure in place with Group Policy to allow “Automatic Activation with federated credentials” to allow for seamless activation without the end-user to need to do… Read More »

All Announcements from Microsoft Ignite

Earlier today, Microsoft had the opening keynote under Microsoft Ignite and with it came a bunch new announcements with services and updates to most of the different features as well. This blog post is to summarize all the updates that have been announced so far. Now if we look at the keynotes, there have been… Read More »

Just in time Access for Virtual Machines in Azure

The issue with sometimes having a virtual machine on Microsoft Azure is that if it is publicly accessable that the IP is uses is on a known IP range (Microsoft publishes the IP ranges here – –> which will make those IP addresses quite popular by hackers using different brute force mechansims. (Having a… Read More »

Azure Stack– Secure by design

Previously I have blogged about the underlying architecture and features which is going to be part of Azure Stack → Microsoft recently announced the launch of Azure Stack as well → Responsibility model in Cloud Now I want to focus a bit on one aspect that was not included in the previous blogpost,… Read More »