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Getting started with Azure Lighthouse

Yesterday, Microsoft released Azure Lighthouse aka “Delegated Resource Management” which is a way to provide deleated access to Customers Azure resources either it be individual services, resource groups or even whole subscriptions. The official blog announcements can be found here –> https://azure.microsoft.com/nb-no/blog/introducing-azure-lighthouse/ So how…

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Azure Front door vs Cloudflare

With the newly released Azure Front door I was eager to see how it could compare to Cloudflare in terms of performance and functionality. I’ve previously moved my blog to Cloudflare https://msandbu.org/moved-my-blog-to-cloudflare/ which means that they are handling all the frontend traffic to blog….

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Things you need to consider before using Azure AD Domain Services

So thinking about moving from on-premises Active Directory and moving towards using Azure Active Directory Domain Services in Azure? For those that aren’t aware Azure AD Domain Services is a PaaS service that Microsoft delivers in Microsoft Azure which is essentially Managed Active…

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New RDP vulnerabilities – so how can we secure RDP?


The Evolution of RDP RDP is a pretty common protocol, and has been and is still the default way to have remote access to an Windows enviroment and has been a core part of the operating system for many years. RDP as a protocol is…

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Real-life detection of a virtual machine in Azure with Security Center


So this is based upon a real-life case where one of my customers had a Linux virtual machine in Microsoft Azure that got compromised and I wanted to use this blogpost to showcase how it was detected and the information that came from…

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Azure Virtual WAN and putting the pieces together


With the release of Azure Virtual WAN, Microsoft now supports SD-WAN functionality of out the box for the “middle-mile” transport. Meaning that traffic from one location to another can benefit of using Azure’s core backbone network to transport data between multiple locations. Azure…

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Building VDI Solutions in Azure – What Options do we have?


With the fuzz these these about Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure coming out soon, I’m get a lot of questions around VDI and desktop delivery functionality and how to deliver this from Microsoft Azure, what kind of possibilities do we have? what vendor…

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Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Study Guide


This is a study guide for the latest Azure exam, Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies. You can read more about the xam here –> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-az-500.aspx by pasing this exam you get the certification (Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate) Manage identity and access (20-25%) Configure…

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Ransomware and moving to Azure AD based Clients


Earlier this week  I wrote about the Norwegian Company Hydro which was affected by ransom and needed to shutdown most of their operations. The ransomware was most likely distributed using Active Directory with Group Policy so it could spread across the organization –> https://msandbu.org/norwegian-hydro-affected-by-ransomware-attack-lockergoga/ also Kevin…

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Windows Virtual Desktop in Prevew – What you need to think about!


There has been a lot of great information now the last couple of days regarding Windows Virtual Desktop like the blog post from Bas here –> https://www.basvankaam.com/2019/03/19/the-windows-virtual-desktop-what-we-know-so-far-its-more-than-you-think-65-facts-listed/ still there is some questions that also remained unanswered yet as part of what they are building as…

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