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Announcements from VMworld 2018


Looking back at VMworld 2018, it is interesting to see which route that VMware is moving towards. The last years VMware has been focusing a lot on the software-defined data center and the partnership with Amazon on delivering VMware on AWS, with the…

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Teradici and Google Cloud Platform with NVIDIA GPU


Two years ago I wrote an article about running Teradici’s Cloud Access Software on Microsoft Azure with the release of N-series instances (https://msandbu.org/test-run-of-teradici-cloud-access-software-on-azure-n-series/) now the issue with the N-series is that they don’t have the ability to provide SSD functionality, which was one…

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Walktrough of Nutanix Beam and features


Nutanix released their SaaS multi-cloud governance and cost optimization tool named Nutanix Beam back in May at Next earlier this year. Now for me personally I have always been a fan of Nutanix and therefore I’ve been paying close attention to their acquisitions lately…

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24 hours of network traffic analysis from Microsoft Azure


Did you know that your virtual machines are targeted for attacks before they actually come online? For virtual machines running on Microsoft Azure, you can notice quite fast when they are online and ports like 3389 / RDP is publically available you get…

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Microsoft Azure and Security Best Pratices – Part 2 Infrastructure

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This is the next post on my blog posts on Microsoft Azure and Security Best Practices, my first post focusing on Identity can be found here –> http://msandbu.org/microsoft-azure-and-security-best-pratices-part-1-identity/ One of the main concerns about moving the workload to the public cloud is security, basically,…

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Study guide for Azure Certifications AZ-100 & AZ-101


A Couple of weeks ago I signed up for the new beta exams for Microsoft Azure, which are currently in Beta and was limited to a number amount of seats. So this post is more of a study guide I created for preparation for…

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Nutanix acquires Frame – Cloud based DaaS solution


So as a quick update, since I was notified that Nutanix earlier today (Which I’ve written many blog post on earlier –> https://msandbu.org/page/2/?s=nutanix ) has announced its intent to acquire Frame. You can read more about the public announcement here –> https://www.nutanix.com/2018/08/02/desktops-service-no-cloud-lock-frame-nutanix-xi-cloud-services/ This is going…

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Summary of Announcements at Google Next 2018


So for those that weren’t at Google Next in San Fransicso this week and like myself just watched the keynote from home and looked at all the announcements and figured what else did Google announce during the conference? Well unlike Microsoft and Amazon,…

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Microsoft Azure and Security Best Pratices – Part 1 Identity

So let me start this post off with a story… A Couple of weeks ago I had some issues with a demo environment I was hosting in Microsoft Azure, where I had automated all of the infrastructure setups using ARM but there was still a lot of…

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Running Citrix in Public Clouds (Azure, AWS and Google)

So this blogpost is a summary of what I presented on the MYCUGC Cloud XL Webinar series, if you don’t want to read the blogpost I have also attached the slidedeck here as well –> https://www.slideshare.net/mariussandbu/citrix-cloud-xl-running-ctirix-in-public-cloud this blogpost is basically a bit more in-depth and…

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