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What is VMware Project Pacific and VMware Tanzu


Earlier today at the VMworld keynote, VMware announced a new set of services that is powered by the latest acquisitions that VMware made (more info about this in my other blog post –> https://msandbu.org/vmware-what-does-the-future-hold-for-them/) And of course this visual shows how the different companies…

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VMware – What does the future hold for them?

This is a discussion that I’ve had a couple of times at work already, and especially now with the latest acquisitions it has been a hot topic. Also what I’ve seen in the community is well, I see this as an interesting move from…

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Outbound traffic with Standard Load Balancer Microsoft Azure


When I was working with a customer project a couple of weeks back, I was setting up a redudant pair of Citrix ADC in Microsoft Azure which was going to be used publish customer workloads. The reason for setting ADC was because of…

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How to manage customer access to Azure, Intune and Office 365?


One thing I’ve always tried to solve properly is how to simplify access to customer resources in Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Intune and other online services that Microsoft provides. This while still trying to achive a high level of security in regards to…

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You get VMware, everyone gets VMware!


Earlier this week Google announced that they will be joining AWS and Azure in being able to deliver VMware based offering to their customers. Source: https://cloud.google.com/blog/topics/partners/vmware-cloud-foundation-comes-to-google-cloud Google will soon be providing a VMware Cloud Foundation solution as part of their plattform, which is essentially…

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Getting started with Azure NetApp files


Earlier this month, Microsoft together with NetApp went GA with Azure NetApp files and now I’ve been fortunate enough to use it for a project. NOTE: That Azure NetApp file serivce is still only available in certain regions also you need to register…

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Deep dive – Azure Load Balancer


These next couple of posts will focus on the different load balancing mechanisms that are available in Microsoft Azure. Going from Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway, Traffic Manager, Front Door, and how these compare with other NVA’s that are available on the market….

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Getting started with Azure Lighthouse

Yesterday, Microsoft released Azure Lighthouse aka “Delegated Resource Management” which is a way to provide deleated access to Customers Azure resources either it be individual services, resource groups or even whole subscriptions. The official blog announcements can be found here –> https://azure.microsoft.com/nb-no/blog/introducing-azure-lighthouse/ So how…

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Azure Front door vs Cloudflare

With the newly released Azure Front door I was eager to see how it could compare to Cloudflare in terms of performance and functionality. I’ve previously moved my blog to Cloudflare https://msandbu.org/moved-my-blog-to-cloudflare/ which means that they are handling all the frontend traffic to blog….

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Things you need to consider before using Azure AD Domain Services

So thinking about moving from on-premises Active Directory and moving towards using Azure Active Directory Domain Services in Azure? For those that aren’t aware Azure AD Domain Services is a PaaS service that Microsoft delivers in Microsoft Azure which is essentially Managed Active…

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