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Azure Active Directory Domain Services Resource Forest

I’ve previously written about Azure AD Domain Services and what you need to consider before using it –> https://msandbu.org/things-you-need-to-consider-before-using-azure-ad-domain-services/ now one of the new features which was announced during Microsoft Ignite was something called Azure Active Directory Domain Services Resource Forest (which is now in Public…

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Azure Private links and Endpoints


One of the new features that was released from Microsoft the last couple of weeks was something called Azure Private Link. Private Link is a new feature which allows you to securely connect to PaaS services or a custom service internally from within a…

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Azure Virtual WAN – What’s new and by the numbers

This is a follow-up from an blog post I had written earlier about Azure Virtual WAN( https://msandbu.org/azure-virtual-wan-and-putting-the-pieces-together/) and in combination with some of the new announcements that came out of Ignite. As a quick refresh of Azure Virtual WAN: With the release of Azure Virtual…

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Automating Conditional Access using Graph API


As part of the new annoucements from Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft now launched the ability to create Conditional Access Policies using the Graph API which is now available under the beta API. The simplest way to get started with the Graph API is using…

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Setting up Azure AD native authentication with Azure VPN Gateway


As part of the announcements from Ignite, Microsoft now released a public preview of the native Azure AD authentication on VPN Gateway. Up until now it has been either that you use a certificate based authentication or using RADIUS. Which has been a…

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Introducing the NVv4 Azure Virtual Machines

As part of Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced the public preview of the NVv4 Azure Virtual Machines. Which is featuring AMD EPYC 7002 processors and virtualized Radeon MI25 GPU. Which will come in the following instance types: Now the cool thing is that this is the…

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The biggest announcements from Microsoft Ignite – Microsoft Azure

Didn’t get to Microsoft Ignite? fear not, this is a summary of the biggest announcements from Microsoft Ignite.so far, and will be updated during the week with the new services. Microsoft Spring Cloud in Public Preview https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/spring-cloud/ Microsoft Azure Arc – Hybrid Azure…

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What is Azure ARC?

For those at Ignite today, there was some pretty big announcements from Microsoft and especially around hybrid management. Now previosly AWS and Google has had the upper hand with their edge funtionality mainly that they can provide their own services running on existing…

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Bulding VDI Solutions in Microsoft Azure and now with Windows Virtual Desktop


A couple of months back I wrote an article about building VDI Solutions in Microsoft Azure https://msandbu.org/building-vdi-solutions-in-azure-what-options-do-we-have/ and last week I was speaking about Windows Virtual Desktop at an event at Microsoft Norway, where my sessions is about our experience with Windows Virtual Desktop. Now my…

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Designing an Azure Sentinel Solution


Last week I had a webinar about “Catching the bad guys using Azure Sentinel”, where one of my slides I mentioned about how you should design a Azure Sentinel solution which I wanted to cover more in depth here in this blogpost.  Now…

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