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Software defined Storage? Dell’s got you covered

Earlier I’ve discucced a bit on Software defined storage and how this is an growing market with new vendors appearing all the time. Some of the concept behind SDS is the ability to move features that have previously only been available to the hardware solutions into the software stack. http://msandbu.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/software-defined-storage-and-delivering-performance/ Now as I mentioned there… Read More »

Dell vWorkspace EOP–Configuration

For those who do not know what vWorkspace is, take a look at my previous blogpost regarding vWorkspace –> http://msandbu.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/introduction-to-dell-vworkspace/ EOP (Enhanced Optimized Protocol) is an enhancement to the RDP protocol which Dell (or Quest) have developed which is a part of vWorkspace. Now Microsoft has made alot of improvements to the RDP procotol in… Read More »

Dell VRTX and disk management

Dell introduced their new VRTX platform last year. For those who haven’t heard about VRTX it it was the start of fully-converged hardware solutions from Dell. Its a nifty piece of hardware which allows for up to 4 nodes and 25 harddrives to share midplane allowing for simultaions access to the storage. It is also… Read More »

Dell and Nutanix, the biggest news since sliced bread

Well the title might be a bit misleading but its true! For those who haven’t seen the news yet, you can read about it here –> http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/press-releases/2014-06-24-dell-software-defined-storage-portfolio Now a little background story here, Nutanix has been in the market with its hardware based appliances in about a year/two years or so now. The appliances are… Read More »

Awarded with Dell Rockstar 2014!

I just received a email from Dell that I was awarded with their community title Dell Rockstar for 2014! For those who are not aware of what Dell Rockstar is, you can read more about it here –> http://en.community.dell.com/p/dcf-rockstars.aspx This is indeed a huge honor and I personally hope that I can contribute to enhance… Read More »

Dell VRTX førsteinntrykk og nyheter med Windows Storage Spaces

Jeg ser mange forespørseler rundt dette både ute i markedet samt på sosiale medier så derfor måtte jeg bare skrive om dette på norsk Tidene endrerer seg, det samme gjør teknologien. Det siste året har det vært mye fokus rundt konvergert infrastruktur. I essensen betyr at man slår sammen flere komponenter til en enkelt løsning.… Read More »