Allowing only non-windows users to use the Citrix Webinterface

This is a bit of an ugly homemade fix, but its quite useable 🙂

If you have a simple Citrix setup without Access Gateway or Netscaler there is no good way to filter who gets in from what & where. (Of course you can use Load Evaluators to filter based on ip-ranges and such, and use groups to filer who can access the application) But in this case we are just consered with filtering away windows-users.

(And this fix will only work if your only way inn to Xenapp is trough the webinterface. Users can just bypass this by setting their Reciver to the Services site.)

When users access the web-interface (ver 5.4) , a group of javascripts run on the client to detect if the user has a client innstalled, and if not should the webinterface server offer an client to the user.
This is mostly done by the loading.html page. Located in the C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixXenApp folder.

What you can do here is to enter an javascript in the top of the loading.html file

<script language=”JavaScript”>

if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(“Win”)!=-1) window.location=(“”);


This is a simple javascript that cheks if the user is sitting on a windows computer if so then it redirects the user to (Of course in this case you would redirect the windows user to its RDweb page 🙂

Of course the user can block the browser from running javascript on that particular site, but then the user will not be able to login at all.

I have tested this script on multiple computers (running windows) and with different browser and it works just fine.

If someone else has a better way to filter out windows-users please send me an mail

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