Running windows 8 beta from vmware workstation.

Just a quick post regarding Windows 8 on vmware workstation. I just downloaded the windows 8 server beta and I was trying to boot the ISO from vmware workstation 7.

But then I recived a sad face HAL error

The reason for this is mostly because I was using vmware workstation 7.
So potensial fixes.

Fix #1

Update the VMware Version to the Latest Version 8. Download the Evaluation Version of VMware from here. [LINK]

Fix #2

When using Virtual Box, Make sure you are using the latest version [LINK]. Then set 2 processors and in the initial OS selection choose windows 7 64 bit.

Fix #3

Remove any external media like Floppy Disk, Unwanted USB Media etc.

Fix #4

Check your System Minimum Requirements. [Check Them Here]

These were some of the possible Fixes for the Hal_Initialization_Failed Error in windows 8 installation.

Happy testing!

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