Announcements at Google Next 17 and price cut on IaaS

So the last couple of days I’ve been watching closely on the keynotes at #GoogleNext, where Google was showing alot of the new enhancements to their platform. So a couple of weeks back they also introduced a new relational database service which is geo syncronous as well called Spanner


Now up until now Google has been one of the cheapest providers when it comes to regular IaaS, but now they have also announced commited use discount as well which will cut the IaaS cost even more. Let me give you an example.

Price cut on IaaS
A virtual machine running in Microsoft Azure (With Linux, which means no OS licenses) in this case a VM running 16 vCPU, 56 GB of RAM will cost 1,12$ per hour.
A virtual machine running in Google Cloud Compute (With Linux, which means no OS licenses) in this case a VM running 16 vCPU, 60 GB of RAM will cost $0.7600 per hour

How much is this equal to in one year?
9811$ for Microsoft Azure
6657$ for Google Cloud Compute

If this is a static workload which will not be changed during the course of 3 years for instnace we can choose the new Committed Use Discounts, which allows us to commit
a set of resources up to 3 years for even more discount. Actually up to 57% Discount so the same virtual machine instance can come down to 2996$ each year. Remember Committed use discounts can apply to all predefined n1-* machine types and custom machine types. They do not apply to small machine types, f1-micro and g1-small, and also it is now in beta and is not reflected in the Google Cloud Calculator yet.

Google also announced Google Compute Engines GPU which is of now supported with NVIDIA Tesla K80 cards and soon you will be able to select the AMD FirePro S9300 x2 and the NVIDIA® Tesla® P100.
And one important difference here is that we can attach GPUs To Any Machine Type, and not limited to a certain instance type like we are in Amazon or Azure.  So I can’t wait until they come with a M60 for instance to provide cheap GPU instances for Citrix, as an example.

Google also announced new regions in Montreal, California and Nederlands as well. It like the other regions have three zones within the same country boarder.

Google also announced that they have hosts running with the latest Intel Skylake chip which is also nothing that the other vendors have up and running yet.

You can actually see all the new announcements that were made here –>

And this shows that Google is pretty serious with their investmest into their Cloud platform, and during the course of the year, I guess we will be seeing a lot of new features and product coming into this stack.

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