Application Approval workflow with SCCM and SCSM

Ever wished that you could redirect the application approval request that appears in the SCCM console into an e-mail or perhaps an leader (Which doesn’t have much to do inside the SCCM console) ?
This is possible with the Application Approval Workflow Accelerator from Microsoft à

AAW uses System Center 2012 – Orchestrator between Configuration Manager and Service Manager to synchronize Configuration Manager Applications, leverage Service Manager Workflows, and post the approval status back to Configuration Manager. We created wizards in Service Manager to configure custom service request template-matching criteria. User and application properties received in the approval request from Configuration Manager are used to select a service request template containing an approver list and activities that best fit your business process.

Key features:

Sync Configuration Manager Application’s data into the Service Manager database.

Monitor and transport Configuration Manager Application Catalog requests requiring approval to Service Manager and open a service request.

Return the completed approval workflow status to Configuration Manager for handling.

Allow administrators to define and maintain application selection criteria for specific applications or application groups and specific users or user groups.

Track service application requests and view application catalog contents in Service Manager.

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