ASUS Padpone 2 First-impressions

As a part of the ASUS PadFone 2 Test Pilot project. Asus have given me the opportunity to test-drive the new Asus PadPone 2.
In addition, what is the PadPone 2? The name implies it; it is a phone and a Pad.


As you can see you have the phone which is running Android Jelly Bean, and you have a dockable pad where you slide the phone down and you have a fully functional Pad (Now the System is running in the phone so you can’t use them separately ) But they have their each separate battery, so when you dock the phone in the pad and start charging the pad you charge them both.
And! If you are running low on batteries on the phone, you can connect it to the pad and start charging it.

I have only been testing it a couple of days, and I like what I see so far I will come back with a more detailed review when I have explored most of the features.
So far the phone is light and of solid build, same goes for the pad and have tested the battery to it full extent yet since I have used the phone In docking mode sometimes and charged it there so going for 4 days straight.


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