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The biggest announcements from Microsoft Ignite – Microsoft Azure

Didn’t get to Microsoft Ignite? fear not, this is a summary of the biggest announcements from Microsoft Ignite.so far, and will be updated during the week with the new services. Microsoft Spring Cloud in Public Preview https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/spring-cloud/ Microsoft Azure Arc – Hybrid Azure…

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What is Azure ARC?

For those at Ignite today, there was some pretty big announcements from Microsoft and especially around hybrid management. Now previosly AWS and Google has had the upper hand with their edge funtionality mainly that they can provide their own services running on existing…

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Bulding VDI Solutions in Microsoft Azure and now with Windows Virtual Desktop


A couple of months back I wrote an article about building VDI Solutions in Microsoft Azure https://msandbu.org/building-vdi-solutions-in-azure-what-options-do-we-have/ and last week I was speaking about Windows Virtual Desktop at an event at Microsoft Norway, where my sessions is about our experience with Windows Virtual Desktop. Now my…

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Designing an Azure Sentinel Solution


Last week I had a webinar about “Catching the bad guys using Azure Sentinel”, where one of my slides I mentioned about how you should design a Azure Sentinel solution which I wanted to cover more in depth here in this blogpost.  Now…

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DNS over HTTPS is coming, that’s a good thing right?


There has been a lot of fuzz around DNS over HTTPs shortnamed (DOH) lately. For those that haven’t read about what is going on or what DoH is, you can read more on Mozilla’s blogpost here about the subject –> https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/05/a-cartoon-intro-to-dns-over-https/ and also Google’s approach…

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Demystify Zero-trust design – Never trust, always verify


Zero-trust is something I’ve talked about and heard many vendors talk about for many years already. These days vendors are using this as leverage to sell their products to “Implement Zero-Trust based networks” therefore I wanted to use this blog post as a way…

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Changing log retention on a specific table in Log Analytics


One of the best pratices that have been defined for Log Analytics in Azure is to have a few workspaces as possible. Now with the introduction of Azure Sentinel as well, there more sentralized set of logs you have the easier it is…

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October Security Awareness Month – Post 4 – How Secure is my password?

I always love this comic strip from XKCD when it comes to generate a strong password. We are prone to choose simple solutions and taking shortcuts to make it easier for ourselves. Especially this time and day where we have many many many…

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October Security Awareness Month – Post 3 – How Secure is actually a website?

This is a topic which I’ve spent many hours on before working on with different customer sites, how can we enhance the security on our public facing web services or web sites? For me personally it was not so much on what could…

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Windows Virtual Desktop – breakdown of architecture and current status

Windows Virtual Desktop is now generally available! from the evolution of RDMi and now to Windows Virtual Desktop has been an interesting journey in how Microsoft has now converted the RDS components into PaaS services which they are now provinding in combination with…

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