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The battle for Hybrid PaaS and Kubernetes workloads?


In december I had a blogpost about the battle for Hybrid PaaS services https://msandbu.org/the-battle-for-hybrid-paas-is-here/ where I described some of the capabilities that the different cloud providers are aiming for when it comes to Hybrid PaaS services such as Google Anthos, Azure Arc and Amazon Outposts….

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Upcoming change – Microsoft to disable use of unsigned LDAP port 389

In March 2020, Microsoft is going to release a update which will essentially disable the use of unsigned LDAP which will be the default. This means that you can no longer use bindings or services which binds to domain controllers over unsigned ldap…

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Delivering Citrix ICA/HDX using Traffic Manager, Frontdoor or Azure VWAN?


This was a topic that came up during a discussion earlier today, and looking at the Google Search Results on my blog It seems like that this is something that some people are looking for some answers for, so therefore I decided to…

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AMD Radeon GPU on Microsoft Azure – NVv4 Series and VDI


I’ve previously written about the new upcoming NVv4 series virtual machine instances which are the new series of GPU based instances in Microsoft Azure which are now coming with AMD Radeon based GPU’s (https://msandbu.org/introducing-the-nvv4-azure-virtual-machines/) these new instances are the first coming with support…

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Citrix NetScaler (ADC) vulnerability CVE-2019-19781


For those that are not aware, but vulnerability (CVE-2019-19781) has come up , which affects Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway which essentially allows an unauthenticated attacker to run arbitrary code on the appliances. NOTE: That the vulnerability is leveraging the NetScaler ADC Gateway feature,…

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Automating Azure Sentinel deployment using Terraform and PowerShell

As part of an on-going project I was tasked with to automate a Sentinel setup using Terraform and PowerShell. Now if you haven’t read about Sentinel before, here is a bit more information available –> https://msandbu.org/designing-an-azure-sentinel-solution/ one of the current limitations as of now with…

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Current limitations with Azure Firewall


So been working a lot with Azure Firewall lately and wanted to adress some of the current limitations that is has. Azure Firewall is a layer 4  stateful firewall offering in Azure as a complete PaaS service. Using a native PaaS service for…

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Amazon Outpost vs Azure Stack Hub

Amazon has started shipping its Outpost offering. For those that haven’t heard about AWS Outpost it is a complete rack solution which allows you to run Amazon services within your own datacenter. Essentially Amazon ships a rack of servers which you can then…

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Support for Azure AD based join for Windows Server based VM in Azure

An announcement that came out last week, was that we now have the ability to use our Azure AD Credentials to login to a Windows Server based VM running in Azure. Previosly this has only been available for Linux based VM’s running in…

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Security in Public Cloud?


This is a question that I have been asked a lot lately, and especially now when I’ve been doing talks about Azure Sentinel. Therefore I wanted to write to blogpost for, to essentially get down my thoughts and ideas but also try to…

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