Citrix XenMobile exam 1Y0-370 exam

Citrix just recently released a XenMobile exam covering much from ZenPrice (MDM function) AppController, Storefront, Netscaler Gateway, Worxapps and such.

More about the exam can be found here, Study info –> 

After taking this exam it will give you the title of Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility.

Now the following CTX articles might give you a pointer in the right direction regarding what’s covered in the exam

Configure Netscaler Gateway with AppController –>

How to view patches installed on ZDM Server –>

Configure AppController to provide STA tickets for Worxmail –>

Deploying XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Install XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Manage XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Monitor XenMobile Netscaler Connector –>

Evaluating XenMobile Effects on Device Battery LIfe –>

Configure High-availability on Device Manager –>

Configure High-availability on AppController –>

Install Device Manager –>

Enrolling users –>

Recovering a Primary StorageZones connector –>

Installing XenMobile mail manager –>

Configuring Location Services for Devices –>

Configuring Automated Actions –>

XenMobile Pre installation –>

Configuring MDX policies for iOS apps in AppController –>

Configuring enrollment modes –>

MDX policies –>

Configure GotoAssist with XenMobile –<

Managing Devices –>

Addind Apps for Android –>

Adding Apps for iOS –>

And read the prep guide to make sure you understand all the Objectives that are covered further down in the list, this will make you better prepared for what questions might pop up.

You can read it here –>

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