Coming with Netscaler soon..

So alot is happeing with Netscaler these days. So this is a quick post to tell abit about what is happening.

1: Netscaler appliance in coming in Azure. There is now ETA to when this is coming but this is really important to Citrix workloads. I’m also guessing that this is because of Citrix Workspace Services that i coming.

2: Netscaler partitions

Heard a rumour that this is coming reaaaaly soon. with partitions a system admin would be able to logical split up a Netscaler into different entities. Think of it like a windows computer with multuple users. Every user has the option to create their own desktop background and customized GUI, and be able to use their own appliations.

So no longer do we need an SDX to do multi tenancy. Even thou we share the same hardware and OS underneath. It is a really cool feature!

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