Think you manage to get all the news that has appeared from Microsoft the last month ? don’t think so

So there is alot happening at Microsoft these days. I’ve had trouble my self keeping track what has happend the last weeks or so. Therefore I decided to write this blog to just get an overview myself what’s happend.

Microsoft and Dell launch Cloud Platform Suite

Azure: D-series virtual machine instances

Azure: Network security Groups, Multi NICs on virtual machines, Announcement of Azure Marketplace, New VPN gateway sizes, Force tunnelig, GA of Automation Services, preview of Batch Services, Antimalware of VMs in Azure

Azure: Docker and Microsoft

Azure: Traffic manager, nested profiles

Azure: Website migration tool

Azure: Operations Insight announced

Azure: G-sizes, Premium Storage

Azure: Netscaler and Azure

Azure: General availability for disaster recovery

Azure: PowerShell DSC extensions

Office365: Outlook for Mac

Office365: Builtin MDM

Office365: DLP in Office365

Office365: new plans

Office365: Unlimited Storage


Intune: Secure browser

Intune: MAM features for Office

Intune: Mobile data management

System Center and Windows Server vNext announced

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