Community Research on Web Services and Security

For a planned future blog post, I wanted to do some research to discuss security around websites, domains, and email security. Since I started working with NetScaler a while back I did work a lot on improving security on public-facing websites and implementing a lot of new security measures. Now lately I’ve used this skill to advise customers on how they can improve their security (or performance) either on their website, domain or other parts that I’ve found as part of my research.

As part of this research, I want to invite businesses to be part of it. Therefore I want to ask businesses that want to get an independent, review of their website/domain I will do a free assessment in which they will get back a report of my findings and recommendations, might be that I find nothing to report back, or it might be that I find a lot of information and recommendations t. In return, I will use the information I get from my work which will be anonymized and will be used in an upcoming blog post where I will post the results I find. (Note: This is just a  lightweight assessment nothing extensive, so I’m not trying to “break” in only look at the information available” 

Of course, I could just go and find some random websites and start my assessment but I figured that if I could give something back as part of this work that It would make this a bit more interesting and useful for others as well.

If you want your company or website be part of this, please send me an email to [email protected], of course, all findings will be confidential and all future references to this will be completely anonymized.

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