Configuration Manager 2012 silent install

To run the Setup Downloader from command promt

setupdl \MyServerMyShareConfigMgrUpdates

  • /VERIFY: Use this option to verify the files in the download folder, which include language files. Review the ConfigMgrSetup.log file in the root of the C drive for a list of files that are outdated. No files are downloaded when you use this option.
  • /VERIFYLANG: Use this option to verify the language files in the download folder. Review the ConfigMgrSetup.log file in the root of the C drive for a list of language files that are outdated.
  • /LANG: Use this option to download only the language files to the download folder.
  • /NOUI: Use this option to start Setup Downloader without displaying the user interface. When you use this option, you must specify the download path as part of the command-line.

Setup Downloader starts, verifies the files in the \MyServerMyShareConfigMgrUpdates folder, and downloads only the files that are missing or newer than the existing files.

To run the prerequisites downloader from command prompt 

  1. Open a command prompt and browse to <ConfigMgrInstallationMedia>SMSSETUPBINX64 or <ConfigMgrInstallationPath>SMSSETUPBINX64.

  2. Type prereqchk.exe /LOCAL to open Prerequisite Checker and run all prerequisite checks on the server.


To install the ConfigMgr 2012 console unattended from command prompt.

consolesetup.exe /q TargetDir=”D:Program FilesConfigMgr” EnableSQM=0

To install a ConfigMgr 2012 Primary Site

First of you need to create a setup.ini file where you need to define a lot of variables. For a Primary site these are the ones you need.
After you have created this file you need to start the setup with the following command. setup.exe /script scriptpathandname

Content of the setup.ini file



SiteCode=<Site Code>
SiteName=<Site Name>
SMSInstallDir=<ConfigMgr install folder path>
SDKServer=<FQDN for SDKServer>
PrerequisitePath=<Prereqs folder path>
ManagementPoint=<FQDN MP server>
DistributionPoint=<FQDN DP server>
AdminConsole=1 (0 is you don’t want to install the console)

SQLServerName=<FQDN SQL server machine>
DatabaseName=<SQLServerNameInstanceName> (leave blank for the default instance)


Now last but not least, unattended install of SQL server 2012.

/SQLSVCACCOUNT=”<DomainNameUserName>” /SQLSVCPASSWORD=”xxxxxxxxxxx”

So next time I will start with PowerShell automation with ConfigMgr

Updated with ADK install since you need this for SP1

Install Windows ADK silent

 Feature     Identifier
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)     OptionId.ApplicationCompatibilityToolkit
Deployment Tools                                               OptionId.DeploymentTools
Windows (Windows PE)                                    optionId.WindowsPreinstallationEnvironment
User State Migration Tool                                 OptionId.UserStateMigrationTool

adksetup /quiet /installpath <path> /features <featureID1><featureID2>

adksetup /quick/ installpath C:programfilesadk /features OptionId.ApplicationCompatibilityToolkit OptionId.DeploymentTools optionId.WindowsPreinstallationEnvironment OptionId.UserStateMigrationTool

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