Enabling Remote HDX Enlightment Data Transport in NetScaler 11.1 Build 51

So with the recent release of NetScaler 11.1 – build 51, Citrix released support for Enlightend Data Transport which is a new feature in XenDesktop 7.12 which now also supports NetScaler in this new release. In order to leverage the protocol there are a couple of things we need to enable in order to use it.

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.12 or higher (required to enable the feature using Studio)
VDA for Desktop OS 7.12 or higher
VDA for Server OS 7.12 or higher
StoreFront 3.8
Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.6 (download Receiver 4.6 here –> https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/windows/receiver-for-windows-latest.html)

  • Add firewall rules to allow inbound traffic on UDP ports 1494 and 2598 of the VDA.
    • Note: TCP ports 1494 and 2598 are also required, however they are opened during the installation of the VDA. In this release, 1494 and 2598 must be manually enabled for UDP.
  • IPv4 VDAs only. IPv6 and mixed IPv6 and IPv4 configurations are not supported.

In Studio, enable the policy setting, HDX Enlightened Data Transport (it is disabled by default).
To enable the policy setting, set the value to Preferred (or Diagnostic mode), then click OK.

  • Preferred. Enlightened Data Transport over UDP is used when possible, with fallback to TCP. No additional configuration is required to optimize for LAN and WAN conditions.
  • Diagnostic mode. Enlightened Data Transport over UDP is forced on. Fall back to TCP is disabled.
  • Off. TCP is used. Setting to Off does not impact other features which use UDP (for example real-time audio transport or Framehawk.And lastly we need to allow the transport method to Citrix Receiver as well, so there we need to configure the group policy setting
    1. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Citrix Receiver > Network Routing > Transport Protocol for Receiver.


    1. Set the policy as needed: Enabled (EDT first with fallback to TCP) or Off (TCP).
    2. Select the Communication Protocol for Citrix Receiver for Windows as Preferred, On or Off.
      Now we need to configure the NetScaler as well. First thing we need to do is enable DTLS support on NetScaler
    3. And lastly you need to rebind the Certificates on the virtual gateway server, and then we can connect.

      So how can we check that its working properly? As by default Citrix uses TCP so if you run a CTXsessions from CMD you will see that TCP is the default shown before we apply the policy, afterwards it should show like this
      UDP –> CGP –> ICA

      There are somethings you should remember in this build however. it does not support double hop, HDX insight, nor IPv6 mode

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