What’s new in NetScaler 11.1 build 51 + NetScaler MAS

Today Citrix, released new anticated versions of the NetScaler and NetScaler MAS firmware, which is now on build 11.1 build 51, and contains a lot of cool new features!

What’s new in NetScaler 11.1 Build 51
In this version of NetScaler it has some major enhancements in terms of features.

* Intune support (Integrates with Intune Conditional Access to deliver access to on-premises applications) Requires an updated Android or iOS Citrix SSL VPN app
NOTE: iOS VPN app was updated back in November which came with support for Intune)
* Enhanced Transport Protocol support( Citrix now supports EDP on NetScaler which came in tech preview on XenDesktop 7.12, more info on setting it up here –> http://msandbu.org/enabling-remote-hdx-enlightment-data-transport-in-netscaler-11-1-build-51/)
* DNS Security enhancements (Comes with a prebuilt wizard to setup security rules for DNS servers on NetScaler)
* Role-based access within a partition
* Force Password Change (Meaning that the system user nsroot needs to change its password first time after logging in)
*  DNS resolution through NetScaler Gateway or the NetScaler G ateway Plug-in if IPv6 is enabled on the client’s adapter and the ISP provides the IPv6 DNS address on the IPv6 stack now works!
* Support for Jumbo Frames on NetScaler VPX Appliances Running on AWS
* Support for PCI Passthrough Interfaces on NetScaler VPX Appliances Installed on VMware ESX Server

Now there are also numerous bug fixes in the firmware as well.

What’s new in NetScaler MAS 11.1 Build 51
Citrix has did a major uplift on MAS with alot of new features there as well, especially on the Insight part, which I intend to follow up with some blog post later.

* View start and end time of a terminated user sessions in Gateway Insight (This is now available as a report and under the users pane yay!
* SSL Insight which provides integrated, real-time monitoring of secure web transactions
* TCP Insight (monitors the metrics of the optimization techniques and congestion control strategies (algorithms) used in NetScaler)
* Support for Monitoring HAProxy Instances ( We can now use NetScaler MAS to monitor HAProxy instances in our infrastructure.
* Numerous integration options with OpenStack (Newton, Mitaka)

There are also mulitple enhancements to the dashboard an such, so stay tuned for a blogpost going more in-depth on some of the enhancements.

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