Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 7.0

For people that don’t know about MAP it is an free solution accelerator from Microsoft, it offers
an inventory and assessment of your infrastructure. You can download it for free from here –>
You can use this data to see if you meet the requirements(software wise and hardware)  needed to migrate, to for instance Windows 8. And you can generate reports based on the data it collects. And as part of the installation it installed MSSQL Express where it stores its data.
So as you can see on this list, there is a lot of products it can inventory and assess

NOTE:  IF you for instance run the Windows 8 Readiness assessment the results you get a based on what Microsoft considers to be a requirement, I ran this assessment on my laptop which is actually running Windows 8 and according to MAP it wasn’t Windows 8 ready and if you choose generate report, if will give you a more detailed info regarding WHY


But in my case it was only because I was low on disk space Smile


But we can also discover how many users we have in the domain, how many Lync & Exchange users we have (and what roles we have installed )
So we can start the inventory wizard we can choose what kind of products we have in our environment, ( in my case I have AD, Windows Computers and SQL servers.)



Next we choose how we want MAP to discover these services within our infrastructure, I’m going to choose AD DS, next we enter a credential for the user


Click next and next
Now we have to enter a user that has access to the different services, for instance if you have a client administrator account you would enter that with WMI access and you typically have another one for SQL access in my case I have it easy with 1 user Smile

You can also specify credential order in case you have more then one account that can access for instance SQL service, (so if account 1 can’t access that service, MAP will use account 2)
After that click finish, and MAP will start discover. This will fetch Software information from the clients as well so it might take some time for it to finish.
And remember that you have to have open from WMI in the firewall if you want MAP to be able to connect.

Now for instance I get a nice view of what kind of servers I have in my infrastructure –>

And if you go to the Active Directory pane you can see how many active users you have in the domain
So it makes licensing a lot easier to see how many CAL licenses you need.
And how many for instance Exchange users you have and how many Exchange licenses you need.

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