Microsoft Message Analyzer

Microsoft did today actually release a beta of the new Message Analyzer.
This is actually the new Network Monitor, so its build up from scratch and includes more features.

As you can see it no longer primarily focused on network monitoring, but actually analyze everything!
From USB connection, RPC, LAN, WLAN, SMB shares and you have the same options to do filters as you did in Netmon.
And you can of course open pcap files and do analyzing afterwards.
NOTE: I had some issue with this release, it was consuming extremely amount of ram. Now this was happening when I was monitoring my WLAN on my laptop.

When you see the packets, Message Analyzer will also give analysis of errors that happen. And you can filter based on these events.

It can also create a dashboard view of what kind of protocols where used,


And you can download it from and sign up for the beta.

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