My session at VirtualExpo – Access and authentication methods in Citrix

So for those that haven’t heard of VirtualExpo yet, it is a full day virtual conferce which is arranged by my fellow Norwegian Trond E Haavarstein or @xenappblog. This is the third time the event is going to be hosted, and look forward to a day with alot of good content and great speakers on the list!

If you haven’t signed up or haven’t looked at the agenda yet I suggest you take a look now –>

I’m  also going to be one of the lucky presenters there this year, and ill be talking about Access and Authentication methods in a Citrix enviroment. Now the title might sound a bit fluffy but In essence I’m going to talk about configuring different access options like

Optimal Gateway Routing
AlwaysON VPN
Clientless VPN
NetScaler Gateway Services

Also different ways to authenticate to a Citrix enviroment using for instance

SSO with Kerberos
Client Certificates
Azure Active Directory
Federated Authentication Service
Storefront Cloud,
SAML & Oauth
Azure AD Join

I’m also going to talk about different scenarios which can be implemented with the different scenarios, and also show how the user-experience looks like from an endpoint. So stay tuned Smilefjes

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