New Book Project: Windows Ransomware Protection and Detection

10 years ago, I wrote my first book together with Packt Publishing, today I’m happy to announce that I’m started working on a new book project together with them.
The title will be “Windows Ransomware Protection and Detection“, the content of the book will be focused on:

* What is ransomware? giving real-life examples of some of the newer attacks (methods used and attack vectors)

* Going into details of the different attack vectors (gaining access, lateral movement, persistent access, and how they execute the attack)

* Security Monitoring (Using Azure Sentinel, Azure Arc and Defender) and event management

* Ransomware Countermeasures and building a secure foundation for (Identity, Networking, SaaS, Virtual Infrastructure, Endpoints and Microsoft Azure)

* How to protect data and information (common best practices for data backup and how to secure information using Azure Information Protection)

* Lastly – How to monitor the threat landscape to be prepared for future threats.

My wish behind the book is to give the readers a toolbox of tips and services that can help them with reducing the risk of attacks but also provide them with some examples on how to build a security monitoring platform to help monitor against future threats.

Therefore, looking forward to spending a lot of late nights, digging into more material, researching, and hopefully writing something useful in the end.

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