Nutanix acquires Frame – Cloud based DaaS solution

So as a quick update, since I was notified that Nutanix earlier today (Which I’ve written many blog post on earlier –> ) has announced its intent to acquire Frame. You can read more about the public announcement here –>

This is going to be an interesting mix, up until now Nutanix has been focusing on partnering with the largest VDI solutions, namely Citrix and VMware for delivering on-premises on their HCI solutions, but with Frame it allows them to deliver DaaS as a service on top of multiple Cloud Platforms.

Frame up until now has supported both Amazon and Microsoft Azure (With support for GPU) and with support for Google Cloud coming later this year, and delivers a Desktop within an HTML browser session. Nutanix has built many new cloud-based products over the last couple of years, it is no question that they are also targeting more public cloud solutions with new products such as.

  • Beam (Multi-Cloud Optimization and Governance tools)
  • Xi Cloud (Which Provides DR Capabilities to Nutanix’s own Cloud Solution
  • Calm (Which supports Cloud Automation, only against AWS as of now)
  • Nutanix Prism (Which already has many integrations with Public Cloud with their Cloud Connect solution.
  • Netsil (Which Nutanix bought earlier this year to provide Cloud-based Monitoring on modern cloud-native applications)

With this acquisition, I believe that Nutanix is interested in its core value, namely freedom of choice and adding Frame as an option to the other VDI solutions that it has partnered up with. But also this might be part of a bigger cloud-based strategy that Nutanix might have since it is now building up its toolbox for Cloud tools for delivering services and management capabilities on Public Cloud.

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