Summary of Announcements at Google Next 2018

So for those that weren’t at Google Next in San Fransicso this week and like myself just watched the keynote from home and looked at all the announcements and figured what else did Google announce during the conference? Well unlike Microsoft and Amazon, Google is that good at getting the information out there and the new stuff can be found on different sources around the interwebs, so I decided to write a summary post on what was announced during the conference.

Infrastructure and Security Platform Updates

Google Cloud Service Platform 

  • Cloud Service Platform is going to be the first of Google’s hybrid platform which is a set of products focused on  delivering a unified platform to deliver and build applications
    • Service mesh: Availability of Istio 1.0 in open source, Managed Istio, and Apigee API Management for Istio
    • Hybrid computing: GKE On-Prem with multi-cluster management which allows us to manage GKE Clusters using the GCP Console
    • Policy enforcement: GKE Policy Management, to take control of Kubernetes workloads
    • Ops tooling: Stackdriver Service Monitoring
    • Serverless computing: GKE Serverless add-on and Knative, an open source serverless framework
    • Developer tools: Cloud Build, a fully managed CI/CD platform

Now a bit in-depth on the GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine – On-prem solution) which is essentially being able to deliver the GKE as a service in your own datacenter. Which is now in Alpha release, and as of now is going to be supported running on vSphere 6.5 using  Google-hardened Ubuntu image; same one they use for GKE.This is really the beginning of multi-cluster scenarios that work well across different environments. Failover from on-prem -> GKE is something they are working on as well. When it comes to the architecture Masters will run on-prem. Google will have connection agent that let’s them securely talk to the Kube API Server from GCP. Since they want to ensure that the cluster is fully functional even if the connection goes down.

Big Query Announcements

Google GSuite

ML and IoT

PaaS Updates

Might be something that I’ve missed from the announcements as well, but it is clearly that Google has a couple of areas that they are more interested then other vendors. IoT, Cloud-native applications (with all the announcements around Kubernetes with On-prem and managed istio and other enhancements) and also Machine Learning with edge support for TPU and new auto ML features.

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