Setting up Marketplace Syndication in Azure Stack TP3

One of the cool features introduced in TP3 is the ability to do marketplace syndication between AzureStack and the public Azure marketplace. This allows us to provide all the different services and images in the public Azure marketplace trough AzureStack.

You need to register your AzureStack deployment with an active Azure Subscription first in order to set it up, this is because of the billing capabilities of the Marketplace.

Important to note that you cannot do this registration with a Microsoft account it needs to be a AzureAD workpalce annount. The setup cannot be done using CSP or EA subscriptions as well and your account you register with needs to be a subscription owner.

To set it up you need to have the AzureRM tools installed on PoC host computer, pref the Hyper-V host.

Open PowerShell
Install-Module AzureRM

When its installed you need to run the script here – –>

RegisterWithAzure.ps1 -azureDirectory YourDirectory -azureSubscriptionId YourGUID -azureSubscriptionOwner YourAccountName

The Azure Subscription ID can be found within Azure under Subscriptions pane.
When, the script is done running you will see this, if if ran successfully.


Then login to the admin portal UI and go to Marketplace Management.


From there click on Add from Azure


This will list out the “supported” marketplace items, note that the list is going to be short compared to what is available in Azure.


But this is because I’m guessing that Microsoft will require some approval from the different partners before they are allowed to be published as available in the marketplace syndication feature.

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