System Center 2012 and Integration Possibilities

With System Center 2012, Microsoft gathered all of their previous System Center products and gathered it as one large product.
So now in 2012, System Center now contains (Service Manager, Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Data Protection Manager, Orchestrator, Virtual Machine Manager and App Controller)
It is split in two editions, one for standard and one for datacenter (standard is limited to running 2 OSE)

But all the features are there, and the magic with System Center 2012 is the integration possibilities which I’m going to list down. These integration possibilities are listed on what I know so far, if you have any info about other integrations that are possible please link send me some info Smile

Configuration Manager 2012:
Citrix XenApp (Can connect to XenApp to automate application delivery to XenApp servers, and use XenApp as an deployment type out to the user
Microsofot App-V (Can use Application virtualization as an deployment type out to users)
Citrix XenDesktop (Since you can use Configuration Manager to patch windows systems you can also use SCCM to patch VDI images
Microsoft Exchange (You will use this to manage your mobile devices that are connected to Exchange in SCCM console)
Microoft SCUP (Software Catalog Update Publisher you can use this to update software patches from for instance Adobe, Dell and HP)
Secunia (Corporate Software Inspector you can use this with SCCM to patch all of your software within your enviroment )
Microsoft MDT 2012 (You can integrate this with SCCM 2012 to improve and ease deployment of OS)
Dell Client Integration (For ease of Dell client deployment)
System Center Service Manager (For importing software and hardware information to the CMDB)
System Center Orchestrator (You have an own integration pack for automating SCCM tasks)
RES Workspace Manager (You can integrate with RES Workspace Manager in order to allow for SCCM to deploy applications to RES controlled servers/computers)
AppSense Application Manager (For deployment of UV agents and UV configurations)
Windows Intune (You can connect to your windows Intune account for sentral management)
Windows Azure ( You can deploy distribution Points in Windows Azure)
Wyse Device Manager (It is for 2007, but it will be for 2012 as well)
MDT 2012
Quest Management Xtensions
NOMAD 2012

Operations Manager 2012 (Mostly Management Packs)
System Center Service Manager (For importing of alerts for further investigation in Service Manager)
System Center Virtual Machine Manager (For PRO Performance and resource optimization )
Network Devices with SNMP V3
HP MP (For HP monitoring)
Dell MP (For Dell monitoring)
System Center MP( For System Center monitoring)
Citrix MP via ComTrade (For monitoring of Citrix components)
BIG-IP F5 Monitoring
System Center Orchestrator (For automating of tasks)
NetApp On-command (For monitoring of NetApp solutions)
Cisco USC (For monitoring of UCS solutions )
Brocade (Monitoring of Brocade storage)
IBM Hardware (For monitoring of IBM hardware)
Windows Azure (GSM for application monitoring)
NetApp monitoring

Virtual Machine Manager
Citrix Netscaler (For auto deployment of LB rules and access)
F5 BIG-IP (For auto deployment of LB rules and access )
Brocade ACX (For auto deployment of LB rules and access)
Citrix Xendesktop and PVS (For rapid deployment of vdi machines)
Citrix Xenserver (Allows to use SCVMM to manage XenServers)
Vmware vSphere (Allows to use SCVMM to manage vSphere)
Hyper-V (Allows to use SCVMM to manage Hyper-V
NetApp (Automated rapid provisioning of space-efficient VMs with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) or Windows PowerShellâ„¢ rapid provisioning cmdlets)
SMI-S (Is a standard storage API which work for most storage solutions)

Orchestrator (Mostly Integration Packs)
System Center 2012 (All of the products)
vSphere (Integration pack for automating of tasks)
NetApp (Integration pack for automating of tasks)
HP (ilo, Service Manager, Operations Manager) (Integration pack for automating of tasks)
IBM Tivoli ((Integration pack for automating of tasks)
Microsoft Exchange (Integration pack for automating of tasks)
EMC (Integration pack for automating of tasks)
Cisco UCS (Integration pack for automating of tasks)
IBM Tivoli

(This is a post which is under work, so not all the products are listed yet)

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