XenDesktop 7.1 TechPreview Service Template

Citrix released yesterday a tech preview of their Service Template for XenDesktop 7.1 for System Center Virtual Machine Manager. This template allows for rapid and easy deployment of an entire XenDesktop 7 infrastructure, including setup of Director, License Server, Desktop Delivery Controller and Storefront. It does not by default include Netscaler as part of the …

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Netscaler tips and tricks

So the purpose of this post is to post different tips and tricks with Netscaler, so this is going to be updated from time to time. So it’s what I call a dynamic post Now there are a tons of different areas to explore here, but im going to start easy. 1: Password reset Netscaler …

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XenDesktop 7.1 available!

As Citrix promised, XenDesktop 7.1 is now available for downloading requires mycitrix –> but with this release they include support for Microsoft R2 plattforms and Windows 8.1 For those that wish to update from XenDesktop 7 can look at the information at eDocs here –> ill post my experience regarding the update later …

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Citrix licensing for Access Gateway and Netscaler

Wopptidoh!Something I’ve been wanting to write for a long time since I always get some questions regarding licensing on either Access Gateway / Netscaler Gateway or Netscaler I thought I would write a post so others stumbling in the dark might benefit from it as well. Now Netscaler Platform licenses (This depending on what Netscaler …

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Citrix on Microsoft Azure

This is huge news! Microsoft Azure has for some time now had a solid IaaS platform with suppor for most of the different Windows Server roles and features, except the most importent one RDS. Since Microsoft until recently didn’t allow for use of RDS or other options like Citrix to run against Azure, (because of …

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Excalibur and Configuration Manager

Now Citrix released a beta build of Excalibur a couple of months ago, which shows the next generation of XenDesktop and XenApp architecture. (Well actually just XenDestkop, since the XenApp architecture is disappearing) In addition, with this release we have some fancy choices for how to manage the machines within XenDesktop. Excalibur will add additional …

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