Citrix Project Excalibur training

Citrix has released a number of training videos regarding Project Excalibur, you can find them in the links below. Part 1, Excalibur introduction Part 2, Excalibur installation Part 3, Citrix Studio Part 4, Master Image Part 5, Citrix Storefront Part 6, Machine Catalog Part 7, Deliver Groups Part 8, Delivering Applications Part 9, Citrix Receiver …

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Cloud products from Citrix

The term Cloud is used A LOT these days, and I mean a lot! it comes in different shapes and sizes and much of the term is a lot of marketing gone wrong…Citrix marketing team is also very happy in using that term on their products, therefore they have a huge line of software including …

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Citrix Project Excalibur

For those that have been living under a rock for the last month or so (or hasn’t been to much involved in Citrix in a while) Citrix has just released a tech preview of their new solution (Which is at the moment called Project Excalibur) Project Excalibur is the merging of XenDesktop and XenApp also …

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Citrix Netscaler and SDN

There is a lot of talk now about SDN, so I would like clarify what is actually meant with SDN.First of the name SDN is for Software Defined Networking, the concept Is actually pretty simple. It is built upon that a network administrator can share traffic from a single console Instead of having to configure …

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Netscaler 101

The last couple of days I’ve seen a lot of traffic on my blog regarding the posts on Netscaler ( And I don’t have so many of them!) And with the recent events regarding Cisco ACE and Microsoft Forefront TMG, I’m guessing that a lot of people are looking into the option to switch over …

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Integrating XenApp and Configuration Manager 2012

Finally the day has come, as I mentioned in the previous post the TechPreview of XenApp connector for Configuration Manager 2012 is now released on Citrix.or as they call it “Project Thor” it allows for a flexible application delivery solution that combines the best of both worlds (Configuration Manager and XenApp)I’ve managed to deploy the …

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