Trouble with Lync 2013 on Windows 10 tech preview

So suddenly yesterday I was struck with lightning or something, I was about to have a lync meeting when it suddently wouldn’t start. Keept giving me application stopped responding, so I took a quick restart, that didn’t work as well. Even thou it has been working for the last couple of months.

Took a quick look in the event log and then I saw this


So ntdll, exports the native windows API. So why did this suddenly stop working ?

Then it got me thinking what has changed the last couple of days on my computer. Updates!

Took a quick look into the different Windows updates that were posted but tried uinstalling them gave me no luck. Then I remembered that I installed a new graphics driver from AMD the other day (Which was created on 6th of february) when I rolled back to the previous driver from january Lync started working again.


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