Publishing internal applications using Azure Active Directory using Application Proxy

So one of the few cool features in Azure Active Directory is the integration for all kind of applications either it be SaaS or internal applications. So it allows us to externally publish applications which are only accessible from the inside. The internal applications are published to the users and are accessable from the application portal. This also gives us the possibility to have an authentication layer infront of all applications using Azure AD.

So let’s go ahead and publish our internal application. Head on over to the appliaction pane in Azure AD and choose New, then choose Publish an application that will be accessiable from outside your network.


Next I need to enter the information on the internal application and Authentication layer, it is by default published using an external URL


Next I need to give my users access to the application


Next I head on over to the application dashboard and choose enable application proxy, then I download the application proxy connector (note: it does not require a public IP adress)


The installation of the connector is pretty simple


Then login with a Azure AD credential


Then it will automatically register with Azure AD tenant, then if on the users try to open the app portal the application will appear


So when a user tries to open the application it will communicate using the proxy connector (Notice the URL)


Voila, we have just published an internal application using the Azure AD proxy)

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  2. What about SSO to RDWeb or StoreFront web page? Does it possible? If yes, can you publish article about that?

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