Troubleshooting DNS and LDAP connections Netscaler

So this is something I’ve struggeled a bit with in the past, also see it on a couple of forums post on Citrix, and there are as always not so detailed info on how to verify on “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE D*** CONNECTION TO DNS AND LDAP!!!”

So therefore I decided to write this post, since both DNS and LDAP are crucial in adding to the Netscaler.

So lets start with DNS. There are a couple of ways to add DNS on the Netscaler. Either its UDP, TCP or TCP & UDP. Now UDP is the one that is typical used since a default DNS uses UDP, TCP is more for Zone transfers and so on.

So what happens if we add a DNS server using UDP, Well the Netscaler is going to do a ping against the DNS server to see if it is alive (So if ICMP is blocked it will show as DOWN) It will check every 20 seconds to see if it respons on UDP/53. Also imporatant to note that it does use the SNIP address to communicate with the DNS server.

How can we verify that it can do name lookup ? (By default most of the built-in cmdlets like nslookup, dig and so on do not work with Netscaler since it has its own DNS feature built-in, and those cmdlets will only query the local DNS not the external one.

So to test DNS use the command

show dns addRec hostanem


So if we switch from UDP to TCP it will try to use TCP Handshake to verify if it is available, but not going to give use the regular DNS query. So what if we cannot reach the DNS server? Using ping from the cmdlet uses NSIP by default

but with ping in Netscaler we can define a source address (Which we can set to be one of the SNIP addresses.)

ping ip-address –S source-address


If you make a trace file you can also see that it works as it should.


If your SNIP does not have access to the DNS server you need to either define ACLs which allow it to communicate with the DNS server, create a new SNIP which has local access to the DNS server or define a policy based routing which define where the SNIP needs to go to inorder to access the DNS servers.

For instance if I want to setup a specific route for my DNS traffic from my SNIP ( I can setup a PBR) which looks like this (This is a policy route only for ICMP)


After I create the PBR I have to run the command apply pbrs

So that took take of DNS, what about LDAP ? When we setup LDAP servers in Netscaler we have the ability to do retrieve attributes button, great! well almost… it uses the endpoint client IP to retrieve attributes (not the NSIP itself) so it by default uses NSIP. So we can use PING to verify network connectivity. We can also use telnet to verify connectivity since telnet originates from the NSIP.

Shell –-> Telnet

open 389 (This can try to connect to the LDAP port 389)


How can you verify it works ? It says connected, if it stands on Trying…. the port is not available. If you want to can change that the Netscaler uses SNIP instead of NSIP, this can be done by setting up a load balanced AD server role, then point the LDAP authentication policy to that vServer.

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